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Letter to the Editor of the Tribune


IIIIIIIII Date: 14.04.02

To the Editor of the Tribune,

The article is highly inflated and colorable in all forms. We expect reputed newspaper of your stature to print something in a better way and with correct inputs. The controversy at Rumtek has already gone out of hands in the last years and today again it seems te be the main issue here in Sikkim. I therefore request that in future an reporting on the Karmapa issue should be written only after getting proper information and not to further damage the already tense situation. Newspaper have a very important role to play. The supporters of Thaye Dorje are not saying that the order of the Court should be honoured because it suits them.

They are saying as well as other citizens in India as this the only Institution in our country where we go to seek justice and even if such an institution can be dictatated by some people as it does not suit them then they better find an alternaive where the law suits them best. Their opposing the order of the court is very defamatroy in nature. The other thing that needs clarification is that the people supporting Gyalstab and Situ Rimpoche's are and have been gathering people to try and stop the inventory and not the people supporting Shamarpa Rimpoche.
We have no need to gather people as the court is not be implemented by the people but by the Commissioner along with the State administration by providing security and making the area secure from any sort of interference. If a large gathering can avert the accomplishement of the court order then today anybody can gather a large group and avert the execution of the Court orders. The media has a very important and un-bias role to play in spreading the correct infromation and not misinforming the people at alrge and giving a total different picture of the actual ground situtaion.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully Yeshey Jungney

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